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This book was prepared as a help to those who are fighting cancer naturally or medically using natural foods along with medications to heal their cancer. By following the regimen outlined in Bill Henderson's book, I've personally seen my father's tumors disappear, but also learned eating gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and preservative free is a lifestyle change – not just a "diet" change. Questions arose like, "What am I supposed to eat? Is it okay to buy this? What can I use as a substitute?" Those questions didn't begin to touch on the issue of the time it takes to educate yourself on what is or isn't healthy to eat when using foods to help regain your health. And the time it took to research, shop and cook was a big change from just eating a sandwich, pizza or going through a drive-through for lunch or dinner.

For my family, it was not just a matter of changing what we ate, it was actually changing our life — how we thought, how we shopped, and how often we cooked at home – using unfamiliar foods initially. However, the results have literally been life changing and life saving! Tumors disappeared, digestive issues resolved, cholesterol and blood pressure normalized, thyroid medication reduced, vertigo disappeared, and Coumadin reduced... to name a few. We felt better than we had in the previous years...not to mention dropping 3 sizes!

The sacrifice has been so rewarding that I don't want to go back to the old ways. In fact, for those fighting cancer, you really shouldn't based on Dr. Budwig's research. The chef (Peter Cosmoglos) and I are already collecting recipes for a second edition because there are so many "new" foods that can be used. We didn't have a budget to make everything look as glamourous as you see on covers of magazines and professionally photographed cookbooks. The photos that you see are the actual dishes we cooked with the sincere desire to prepare and test every recipe with the motivation to reduce the struggle for anyone fighting cancer or who wants to eat to live.

It is an ongoing challenge to find variety in acceptable foods. That's why it's our sincere hope that you have the courage to embark on this same journey — whether it is to beat cancer gently or just to help you become or stay more healthy. In addition, many of the recipes are compatible for use with a "Daniel Fast." If you're like me, you'll find that you actually want to stick to it. We hope this book will be a tool to help you progress and bless you on your journey to better health.

Cheryl Uphoff

About Chef Peter Cosmoglos

Peter graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1985, worked in eight restaurants and traveled extensively around the world as a private chef for several clients. As a chef on a private yacht, he traveled to over 45 countries. More exotic adventures included a 2,100-mile trip up the Amazon River, a stop at the Galapagos Islands and two trips to St. Petersburg, Russia. He also traveled extensively through Europe, the Far East and Oceania. His Greek heritage has also lent to his skill in Middle Eastern cuisine. Because of his world-wide travels, he became very adept at provisioning in foreign ports and cooking with limited and unusual ingredients.

Chef Peter has cooked for many notable names that include royalty, celebrities and heads of state while he was employed by one of the top 10 Forbes 400 members for 18 years. Some of his clients have children with different food allergies including egg and gluten. He has also cooked many fad diets including Atkins, South Beach and Pritikin. Working on large estates has given him the opportunity to use fresh-grown, organic fruits and vegetables as well as free-range poultry and game.

Testing recipes for this cookbook presented some new opportunities. Peter’s extensive background and experience provided a wonderful base for testing and tweaking “traditional” recipes to support gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free eating as recommended by Bill Henderson.

It is our hope that this book will help you in your journey to embrace a healthier lifestyle through dietary choices. We are both looking forward to using more of what we’ve learned and learning even more in the future, so your feedback as we continue learning is very welcome. While some may not agree with these dietary recommendations, you cannot argue with a changed life. Our families' and friends’ lives have been changed by adopting this lifestyle and we hope that yours will be also.

Cheryl Uphoff

Cheryl Uphoff

Chef Peter Cosmoglos

Chef Peter Cosmoglos